Jun 8, 2011

June Happenings

The month of June has brought with it HOT temps and dry conditions. It was just a few short weeks ago, I was talking about the flooding. Now, we're bordering on drought conditions. Only in Missouri. You'd think we'd get used to it after so long. 

Our lilies are blooming, in lots of bright colors.

 This is zebra grass. It stays green during the winter, and starts to get its zebra stripes in the summer! In a few months, it will be as tall as the house!
 The Union Pacific steam engine came to our area, and we got to go see it. It was a very hot day, and there were lots of people, but it was interesting and fun for the kids. Here are some shots of the engine, passenger cars, and the men filling it with water.

We spent some time at the pond watching the ducks and turtles(and trying to stay away from the geese-those things terrify me). 

 The kids have been enjoying their smaller pool on these hot days.  BIG smile! 

See ya next time!


Rose @ Walnut Acre said...

I loved all the pictures. My favorites were the lilies and the turtles. My kids have 3 pet box turtles. And I'm scared of geese too. When I was a kid my uncle had geese who would chase me all over the yard. Scared me half to death!

LLR said...

Thanks! Glad I'm not the only one who's scared of geese! Your blog looks great!