Jun 24, 2011

June Highlights

Summer is an odd time of year...for us homeschoolers. We go by a more traditional school  year(from August to May), because my husband is a teacher. Here are some things we do in the summer:

  • Think and plan for the next school year to start
  • Be totally lazy!
  • Take some fun trips
  • Play outside, especially in the water
  • Have lots of barbeques
  • Play the Wii a lot
This week has been pretty hot...and we had a visitor!

Our neighbor's dog was pretty smart. He jumped right into our little pond, and started playing with the fish. Fortunately, no fish were harmed, and he eventually jumped out and dried on the grass. It was quite a funny site, although I'm sure the fish were not amused...

We had lots of wind and even some hail over the last week, and we lost some of our baby squash growing in the garden.  The hubby is working out of town doing construction this summer, so the kids and I (and Millie's half a dozen baby dolls) have had the house to ourselves. 
I have started selling our school books on Ebay, which is truly a sign of summer for us. I have GOT to get started ordering for next year. It usually take a while for things to get shipped. And I need time to go over it before August, and plan things out. I'm nUtS like that!
Summer just flies by, doesn't it?

Until next time!

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