Jul 28, 2011

Art Lessons

(sea turtle painted by Jellyfish in Sept. '09)

We did Abeka Art last year...and it was not impressive. It had lots of "projects", but I was looking for a program that teaches more specific skills such as drawing, water colors, etc. and then builds on those skills.

There are some great art websites out there with easy lessons (for those of us who are not naturally artistic). Many of them allow you to search by category or grade level to choose a lesson. Here are some of the websites I've run onto in the last few days:

Art Graphica
Arty Factory
The Teacher's Guide
Deep Space Sparkle

Art Projects for Kids
Kid at Art
Mrs. Brown Art

We do an hour of art once a week for our homeschool, usually on Fridays. Once I get a plan on paper for the first quarter of school, I'll search these websites for art projects that teach a skill, yet go along with the rest of our curriculum, if possible. My fifth grader loves art...which is a good thing: he's easy to please! 

Do you have a favorite art curriculum or website?

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