Jul 7, 2011

Thoughts for the Next School Year

So, it may be a little early to be talking about our next school year, but its already July! Time passes so quickly. We are enjoying lazy summer days at home, but August will mark the beginning of our school year. I am starting to order curriculum and think about things we need to cover, besides the daily curriculum.

Jellyfish (5th Grade): 

  • Review States and capitals...make sure he has them down pat.
  • Learn Presidents...I learned them using a song, must have worked because I can still sing the song!
  • Health...I want to actually do a routine health lesson each week.
  • Art...I really want to expand on his art skills this year...I just have to find the right books or curriculum because "Momma has no skilz!"
  • Memorize some important historical documents..the bill of rights, preamble, etc.
  • Focus on WRITING all around
Millie (2 yrs.old):
  • Do a letter each week with activities
  • Work on fine motor skills
  • More learning videos...movies really seem to keep her attention if its something she likes.
  • Find or make more learning games to keep her attention
    There's so many things going through my head right now...I just have to write it down when I get the chance.
Do you have plans for the fall yet?


Hannah said...

Do you know where I might find/hear the president's song? I don't remember learning it, and I always get stuck around Lincoln. :)

And if you find a resource you like for health lessons, I'd be interested in hearing what it is.

LLR said...

Hannah...the words are a little different at the end, but its the same tune. LOVE Dr. Jean!She has all sorts of cool learning songs.