Aug 30, 2011

Goodbye August

August has been a hot and busy month. Early in the month we saw temps over 100 with heat indexes near 120! That's way too hot for me! Things are starting to cool off (a little) and prove that fall is just around the corner. 
We took off early in the month for a weekend in Branson. We saw Noah the Musical and visited Ripley's Museum, the Titanic, and did some shopping. Here are some highlights of our trip.
Millie sleeping on the ride...with a pillow on her head!
Daddy and Millie at Ripleys
Jellyfish at Ripleys
Jellyfish, Millie, and their cousins at the Sights and Sounds Theater!
My Handsome Driver
Ripleys Museum
We had a ton of fun and could have stayed a lot longer if we had the time!

Our biggest accomplishment this month has been starting school and developing a schedule that works for us. 
If only they got along this well ALL the time!

We had a get together with my husband's family this past week...with a Spaghetti dinner on Thursday night, and bowling on Friday night. 
(By the way, just because you are an expert on the Wii, doesn't mean you can actually bowl in real life!)
Millie and Daisy
Millie got to hang out with her Uncle's puppy...Daisy! She loves puppies!
As much fun as August was...I am ready for September and some MUCH cooler temps!


Sarah said...

That looks like a really fun trip.

The Adventurer said...

I have been to Branson:) We have a house in MO and plan on going back in another 2 years after our stay in England. I am now following please consider following back.:) Thanks for linking up to the field trip hop:)

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

This looks like a fun trip. Congrats on a new year of school.

I came from the field trip link up! Thanks for letting me peak into your blog today.