Sep 1, 2011

Homeschool PE: staying busy

For most of our homeschool subjects, I keep a plan book with a daily record of our activities. I also use Homeschool Tracker to keep track of our hours, resources, and subjects. But, what about Physical Education?

In the public school system, P.E. is a rigorous, scheduled, detailed subject with specific requirements. As a homeschool mom, I don't feel that kind of detail is necessary for P.E. I do account for it in our hours (for state requirements), but I don't write details on our plans. 

For example, last week's P.E. was "Bowling". That's all I wrote in the plan book. We took him bowling for a couple of hours and he loved it. 

Of course, my Jellyfish goes NON-STOP doing all sorts of activities on a daily basis. He rides his bikes for hours around the yard. He dresses up and plays pirates using our back deck as his ship. He swings and chases his sister around the yard at least once a day. He also does various chores which require following instructions, exercise, and activity. 
Moving corn stalks to be burned...
Playing in the water...
Going for a Ride...
Just threw the football...
Did I mention he's never still?

Do you have a P.E. curriculum?

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