Aug 24, 2011

Toddlers: Letter A, week 1

We started tot school last week and Millie loves playing the "games", as she calls it. We started with letter Aa. Since they are laminated, I let her hold them and play momma/baby with them. We will add more things to our board as she progresses. I got the idea over at 1+1+1=1. You can also print off the weather cards there. The rectangular color poster in the middle came in a package from the Dollar Tree.
This was our activity/skill plan for the week.

We listened to our days of the week song everyday. Songs are a great way to learn.
You Tube
We counted apples...
 Pasted apples on a tree...
And used our color/shape cards I found at the Dollar General Store.
She stuck foam shapes onto some paper....
 I love the way she purses her lips together when she's concentrating.
We made this alligator our of foam also. 

This was probably her favorite thing: her letter A matching tree. You can find this and some of our other games here.  
I laminated some papers that I had printed off and Millie used Dry Erase Crayons to practice her writing. They erase much easier than dry erase markers. 

This was really a trial and error week of finding out what she responds to, and things that really don't work. She's definitely not ready for patterns or a memory verse yet, but is doing so good with her letters and numbers, and those are the two most important things on my list for this year. 

We are moving on to letter Bb next!
Happy Homeschooling,

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My Captivating Life said...

Kudos! Looks like she had a lot of fun! :)