Sep 17, 2011

5 Reasons I Blog

I have been contemplating the reasons for my blogging adventures. I have no computer skills really. Everything I've learned about blogging has been totally painful and learned through trial and error. I love to write, but can't really imagine that I have anything to offer in the way of wisdom. I have sooooo much going on in life, sometimes my blog gets left on the back burner. Why do I keep blogging?

1. Encouragement
The number ONE reason I blog is to encourage. I'm not sure that I have succeeded, but I want others to realize that it does not take a college degree, lots of money, or anything special to homeschool. You just have to get to know your kids! Really, that's it! Be willing to learn and have an open mind to new ideas. And pray a lot!

2. Information
There are so many blogs, products, and websites out there with a ton of great information for homeschoolers. I really hope to shed some light on some of them occasionally with my product reviews and links. I have found so many good things by reading homeschool blogs.

3. I'm scrapbook challenged
I would love to have scrapbooks full of wonderfully organized pictures and notes highlighting the events in our life. I have a ton of excuses why that will never happen. First of all, I'm just not that creative. I really don't have time. So, I take pictures and write blog posts. I try to do that about twice a month. Sometimes I scroll through our Homeschool Highlights and am amazed at how our kids are growing. It's also a great way to document things we've learned through the year and activities we've done, like when we saw the steam engine back in the summer, or when we went to the zoo last year. 

4. Opportunities
I have had some great opportunities to review books, curriculum, games, and more because of this blog. Right now we are trying out Young Scholar's Guide to Composers. I'll be posting that review very soon. We love trying out new things (hint, hint)!

5. Storage
This blog was originally created as a storage facility for my links and other resources I find online. I still use it for Jellyfish's homeschool. For example, once a week he goes to my Spelling City page (found under Teacher Stuff on my toolbar). He uses the Student Links quite often, especially when he does research, which is about every week. I try to post some of the units we have done, and someday, I'm sure I'll be doing them again with my little one. 

So, I'll keep trucking along...enjoying every minute of it!

Thanks for looking, 

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