Jan 27, 2012

In our Lives...

It's hard to believe January is nearly over. It seems like this month has been hard. We have had a hard time getting back on track after the holidays with our daily schedule. So, we are trying to make some changes, and just not stress out about it. I realize how quickly our school year will end, and since this is Jellyfish' 5th grade year, I feel even more pressure to make sure he's getting what he needs.

We started the month with Jellyfish' 10th birthday party. We had a barbeque and cake, and invited our family to celebrate.  We made the cake and icing homemade...and although it is
not amazingly beautiful, it tasted WONDERFUL! 
Our house has been turned upside down as we complete some home remodeling. We are getting ready to replace our horrible kitchen cabinets, and decided to tear our a wall, and redo some electrical and drywall before we got the cabinets. 

Hopefully it will be worth the trouble in the end! Our cabinets are in desperate need of replacing. 

January has been unusually warm this year, almost spring like. We have had no snow, which is unusual for this month. There have been lots of days where the kids could actually play outside with only a light jacket. 

We are finishing out the last few days of January fighting colds and fever. Again, getting off track in school work. 


Some things going on in the world: 
  • The Republican party is campaigning to choose someone to go up against President Obama. All you can hear in the news is Gingrich and Romney insulting each other
  • The Navy Seals did an amazing rescue of some Danish aids who were taken captive in Somalia. They parachuted in at night, and killed the pirates holding them. 
  • A 16 year old went missing after leaving school here in our hometown. She was supposed to be meeting a man in the park. 
  • Interest rate will stay at 0% for three more years due to the state of the economy. 
That's our month,

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