Oct 28, 2017

Billy Sunday Mini Unit & FREE download


The Story...

Billy Sunday was a baseball player who became a Christian, then evangelist, reaching more than 100 million people during his ministry. He was fiery and bold for the Lord! His preaching style was a little different and a little dramatic for many. God used him in a mighty way and he is a true hero in my book. His story is definitely worth sharing with our children. It will captivate your heart and inspire you. His link to baseball just makes this story even more appealing to kids. This is a great read for kids!

We did this unit using this FREE study from CurrClick. There are some great links, pictures, and activities included in the unit. We also used the book below as a read along and it kept my 4th grader entranced from beginning to end! I definitely recommend letting your child experience this story and get a glimpse into this era and the feelings people had toward God and religion in general.
Edited: I believe this unit is no longer available. :(

Also, we did a report to summarize his life complete with pictures. You could easily do some notebooking pages, or a full report. I haven't found any links yet, but a lapbook would also be a great way to organize information. 

I'm including FREE character 
study pages which work great for this study! 
Scroll to the bottom of page for download.

Reading Materials...
Billy Sunday, Sower Series (affiliate)
This is the story of White Sox baseball player Billy Sunday and his enthusiasm for baseball, and, more importantly, for witnessing for Christ. This book includes one of his sermons, the "Booze Sermon," as well as a time line of major events in his life. The bibliography at the end of the book is useful for further reading and study. For ages 9 to 13.
For younger kids (affiliate)

Field Trips...
You can visit Billy's home in Winona Lake, Indiana, which contains memorabilia from Billy's life. He lived there form 1911 until his death. The museum also has local information as well as info about Sunday's song leader, Homer Rodeheaver. I haven't been there, but would love to view the collection as well as the architecture and other artifacts of his home. The cost is $2 per person. Here's a link:
Billy Sunday Home Museum

Hope you enjoy this study as much as we did!

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