Apr 23, 2012

Artobet Review

Artobet is an educational and entertaining video that introduces children to famous artists throughout history. The video takes place on a simple front porch and features a babysitter and several kids looking for a good time. They find it through some magical beads and a skateboarding stranger. The video takes you through an alphabet of artists, explaining their works, life, and the time period in which they lived. 

The video is entertaining with music, poems, and animations. It is well put together and very professional. It lasts about 40  minutes, so if your child has a short attention span, you may want to break it up. The content of the video is very informative and most of the artists or their works are somewhat familiar. You could definitely use Artobet as a guide for studying art history, and add in your own activities. Artobet's website also has some great ideas for supplemental activities and fun. 

Artobet is ideal for children ages three to eight, but my 10 year old loved it! My three year old made it about half way through before moving on to something else. I'll definitely be pulling it out again for her to watch.

We will definitely include Artobet in our studies for next year. We may just use the video as a guide to a more in depth study of each artist and period. Of course, you know kids will watch a good video over and over and over....it's great to know they are soaking up useful information at the same time!

This video is quite impressive with its informative yet entertaining format. This is a great way to expose your children to art history, and encourage their creativity.

You can buy the video for $19.95. While you're there, check out their site for additional ideas. 

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I received this video free for review. All opinions expressed are my own!

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