May 17, 2012

School comes to an end...

May...beautiful flowers, warm temps, allergies in full swing, busy time of year, end of school, graduations, May birthdays, longer field trips, VBS prep at church, youth group activities...All of those things are in full swing around here!

It's bittersweet. I'm just as tired of the daily routine and curriculum as my (soon to be) 6th grader. Still, we are finishing our week with two finals, and lots of reading. I am always prayerful about our schooling, but this time of year, I'm even more reflective. Wondering if I did everything I should throughout the year, wondering if he'll be ready for high school in ONLY 3 short years...
Then I remember how well-rounded, outgoing, intelligent, and excited he is about everything, including learning. He can out-read most of his peers. I have nothing to worry about. Also, I remember that through my prayers, I must practice a little faith, and let God do all the worrying!  

Here is a peak at our summer bucket list (so far):

  • Weekend away at family reunion 
  • Weekend in Branson, Mo. in June (can't wait to see Joseph!)
  • Spending lots of time in the pool
  • Going fishing
  • Lots of trips to the park
  • Take kids to St. Louis, Mo.(Science center, city museum, lots of stuff to do)
  • Get ready for VBS in July (big job)
As for Millie, our 3 year old, she is progressing in her own way. Some of my goals this year were for her to recognize her alphabet, count to twenty, and recognize her numbers. She has met these goals and beyond! I can't believe the words that come out of her mouth sometimes (3 going on 20). 

So, that's what's going on in our lives right now. Lots of planning to do before our next school year starts in August. I already have most of our books for sale on Ebay. We do our best to keep those books looking good so we can resell them and make some money for next year's books. I'm still not sure about our curriculum for next year. I'll keep ya posted!

Happy Summer!

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