Jul 12, 2012

Kindergarten: Assessment and Goals

The following is a list of goals to assess as your child works their way through Kindergarten. As always, there will be strengths and weaknesses. Some skills you may want to formally assess, while others you may want to just take notice of and work on. 

Language Arts
Knows upper and lowercase letter:
  • Letter Sound List:  I like the format of this one better. It has a place for four separate assessments...makes it easier to make comparisons and see what your child has learned.
  • Find the letter: Child colors the flag when you say the letter or sound.
Sight Words
  • Dolch Word List: print several of these and test them several times a year. I use highlighters to highlight the ones they know.
  • Identifies basic primer words and basic color words
Recognizes sound of each letter
Knows the parts of a book: front, back, title, author
Can count syllables
Identifies sounds at beginning and end of words
Identify main idea, characters, setting
Can reenact or retell a story
Follows one and two step directions
Sound out CVC words
Can make rhymes

1-100 sheet: have them color or circle the numbers when you say them.
Count 20 objects
Count by 10's
Count backwards from 10
Pre-kinders assessment 
Recognizes and draw 5 basic shapes
Can identify, create, extend a pattern
Group like items according to size, color, etc.
Identifies coins
Tells time to the hour
Divide into equal groups
Measure with non-standard instruments and compare
Positional words

Write to 10, 20, 50, 100
Write first name 
Write last name
Write Letters legibly
       Mini-progress handwriting page by Kindergarten Works
Writes CVC words
Other Skills
Hold pencil
Knows colors
Tie shoes
Zip coat
Knows address, phone number, birthday
Scissors (can use effectively)
Coloring (in lines, correct color choices, etc.)
Working in a group: sharing, cleaning up, doing your job
Free Printable Checklist: (From Teaching Mama) includes skills that are not so easily tested such as motor skills, social skills, health, etc.
Knows months of year, days of week, etc.

Prepared Assessment Tools by Curriculum Companies:
Alpha Omega
K12 Placement tests
Math U See

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