Mar 12, 2013

2012-13 Curriculum

We are cruising through the year, and I can't believe time is flying by. I guess you can tell, its been a great year, in part to our new scheduling system, which is working great for us. We have some great curriculum this year, and I wanted to share it with you, in case you want to check it out!

Math (Abeka)

  • Colorful and interesting
  • Challenging 
  • Frequent quizzes and tests to check for comprehension
  • Daily timed skill review (optional)
  • Great scope and sequence
Reading (Library)
  • Reading the classics
  • Also making use of the Kindle app on our iPad

Language Arts/Spelling
  • Gives a great foundation of grammar, punctuation, and the like
  • Challenging 
  • Not great at incorporating writing skills
 History (All American History)
  • The Civil War is the dividing line between volume I and II
  • Intense reading with effective illustrations and supplementary activities
  • Check out my review here.

Science (Christian Kids Explore Earth & Space)
  • Simple format
  • Christian worldview; scripture based
  • Flexibility 
  • Hands on activities that use basic household items
  • See my review here.
Science (Answers for Kids-Bible Curriculum)
  • Actually a Bible course
  • Starts with Creation and studies the 7 C's of history
  • Comes with powerpoint, worksheets, color pages, and more
Art (Hodgepodge)
  • I originally bought another curriculum and didn't like it.
  • These tutorials are really giving us a better understanding of using chalks.
Music (Piano) 
  • Jellyfish has a real interest in playing the piano like his mom. 
  • These websites are really helping him take off: Piano Lesson  4kids and Piano Lessons
  • I am able to fill in the blanks a little and help him along too.

I tried to put links where I could, in case you want to learn more about the item. Hope your year is going great too!

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