Mar 15, 2013

All American History: Review

We have done the Mystery of History for two years straight, and it is by far our favorite history curriculum ever. It is a world history curriculum, and we needed to do American history this year. The hunt was on, and I finally found one that met our needs. 

All American History includes a student reader, teacher's guide & answer key, and student workbook. Volume 1 stretches from the Explorers to just before the Civil War. 


  • There are 4 units, 32 lessons
  • Each lesson includes some fairly intense reading, and may take several days to get through, depending on child's reading level.
  • Lessons begin with a timeline intro, and end with impact points, which give overview of lesson.
  • Student workbook gives several sheets for each lesson including a review sheet. There are tests for end of unit comprehension.
  • Teacher's guide give answers to worksheets, and ideas for using the curriculum.
  • Also includes resources for each unit including special projects, book lists, review games, and more!
My son and I are both history buffs, and love the setup of this curriculum. Jellyfish has really taken his learning past the curriculum and done a lot of research on his own. The content of the book really sparks his curiosity. I love that!

The content tells the true stories from a Christian standpoint. The history books in our public schools are tainted with socialistic views and false information about our history. This curriculum does present a large amount of information. You have to keep up with it as you go along and develop a good way to keep it all organized. The tests are quite difficult, in my opinion, so we allow a full week of review before the test. 

Believe it or not, we just finished volume 1 and have plowed right on into volume 2!

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