Aug 12, 2013

2013-14 Curriculum

Choosing curriculum can be a tricky thing. I am always looking for new and exiting things to challenge my kids. Why? Because I hate getting stuck in a rut, I love to see their minds turning trying to figure out something new, and I love when they are excited about a concept!  

However, I feel that it is important to give kids a good solid foundation in reading, grammar, math, and spelling. If you are constantly switching back and forth on these basic subjects, your child can have some gaps in their learning because each curriculum is truly different. I promise you! Find one you like and make a commitment. We have made that commitment to Abeka. Jellyfish is doing 7th grade math, grammar, and spelling in Abeka. I am getting ready to start Millie in Abeka kindergarten. 

I'm not saying Abeka is the ONLY curriculum to use in these subjects, don't get me wrong. It is important to find a curriculum with a good phonics based approach to reading, and a good solid review and build upon for new concepts. I like the way Abeka teaches them to read. I like the challenging math & grammar worksheets. And they are challenging!

So, here's our plan:
Jellyfish (7th grade)
  • Math, Grammar, and spelling: Abeka
  • English/reading: Easy Peasy (English 7)                               
Note: It's free, and uses the classics to encourage reading and maintain comprehension.  I did NOT switch from Abeka reading until this year. Jellyfish is a SUPER good reader also, otherwise I may not have switched yet...

Millie (preschool)
No major curriculum ordering here! I have found multiple workbooks at the Dollar Tree, Dollar General, and other stores that help me teach concepts. I also print a lot off the internet, and I'm always making little "games" for her to play. You have to keep it exciting for the little ones. She loves to paint, draw, cut, and glue. We are doing a letter of the week type setup using resources we have or print off. It's a lot of work, but she is a great student! She is also learning to count to 100, basic addition and subtraction, sight words, and lots of other concepts. 

Check out my pinterest page for letter of the week and resources I've found!

Don't get caught up in the stress of homeschool. It is such a great opportunity to really challenge your kids and tap into that natural curiosity they have. What fun!
Reach out to other homeschool moms either through a homeschool group or coop, or online. You're not alone!

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