Dec 26, 2013

The Countdown is Over!

We counted down the days by taking a loop of our chain each day. The star represents Christmas day, and it is now the only one left. This is a life-savor for all of the "when is Christmas?" questions from our kids. 

Our family does not celebrate the secular meaning of Christmas; for us it's all about Jesus. We do not talk about or decorate with Santa, and its quite funny when someone asks our four year old, "What's Santa bringing you for Christmas?" Because she knows where her gifts come from.

    Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights...       James 1:17

    We want our kids to be lovers of Jesus in all areas of their life. Santa is the world's way of drawing attention off our Savior. Why do Christians fall for this seemingly innocent practice of deception and distraction?

    Which story takes precedence in their mind: 
  • Santa: who has awesome powers of traveling from place to place magically, brings awesome presents, drives a team of reindeer, looks like grandpa, and is assisted by a team of cheery little elves. It's a magical, mesmerizing tail, don't ya think...
  • Or Jesus: born as a simple babe in a dirty, lowly manger. His birth and death mean everything to us, most of all eternal life. It's not tangible, doesn't have cute litter glitter and sparkles, and cannot be wrapped and place under the Christmas tree.

Something to think about...

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