Dec 16, 2013

Winter Fun!

Our first round of winter weather for 2013 dumped about an inch of ice on us followed by about 8 inches of snow. I love to see the snow falling! Our road was iced over for about a week, and only my husband finally braved it to go to work in his company van.  We were stuck (for about 30 minutes).

The kids were ecstatic, and daddy even got to have one snow day this time. Of course, I stayed inside and took pics from the comfort of the doorway. 
One of the many uses for a Direct TV High def satellite dish...

 My Sweetie...
Snoopy, our dachshund, was quite the snow dog! Even though his little ears were shaking by the time hubby sat him inside the front door. week...but I'm so glad the sun is shining and the temps are scheduled to hit the upper 40's by the end of the week. Time for the snow to go! 

Hope your snow day was as fun as ours,

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