Jan 8, 2014

Homeschool Lessons Learned

We've been homeschooling since Jellyfish was in preschool, and he's in 7th grade this year! Where has time gone? Throughout the years, we have been through a lot of changes in our homeschooling philosophy, schedule, and curriculum. It is a learning experience all the way...

1. De-schooling
For some reason, we all seem to be brainwashed to a "public school mentality", and not even realize it. Things as simple as breaking for recess at certain times, doing Monday through Friday homeschool, breaking for certain holidays, and even our habits as far as the extra-curricular subjects often take on that mentality. There's nothing wrong with doing these things, if they're right for you, but realize YOU DON'T HAVE TO!  When we changed our schedule to a 6 week schedule, it was such a relief. I don't know why we didn't try it sooner...well, actually yes I do. Do you have any public school habits in your homeschool?

2. Curriculum
I have tried many different companies, brands, strategies, and studies to try to keep things exciting, and really figure out what works for us. My lesson: roll with the punches, and don't purchase or plan too far in advance. Life happens. For example, after ordering the entire Abeka Kindergarten curriculum, I realized Jellyfish was way ahead, and actually ended up skipping his official kindergarten year. Also, you can't always anticipate how your attitude will be about school throughout the year, or what circumstances (such as sickness) might hinder your plans. Roll with the punches! Pray that God will give you strength to keep going! I struggle with my own attitude as much as my 7th grader's somedays...

3. Kids Getting Older
What a privilege it has been to see my Jellyfish grow and mature from preschool to 7th grade. Sometimes his wisdom amazes me and his walk with God. I am blessed to have  smart, creative children that yearn to learn. Through the years, I have let go of my complete, dictatorship control over our homeschool and given him much more say in the things I order and the subjects we study. I still have control, but its nice to know he's happy in his studies. 

4. Keep Going
No matter what happens (we've been through a lot through the years) we keep going. Going to public school is never an option in our household no matter what happens: financial trouble, sickness, death in the family, emotional breakdowns, church trouble, bad behavior, frustration, etc. God has placed us on this path. It is his will in our life, and he will make a way!

Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness and river in the desert. Is. 43:19

We all go through the desert times, but God makes a river for us to drink from. I'm so thankful! Don't give up. We have a race to run!

Thanks for listening, 

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