Apr 7, 2014

Homeschool highlights: April

April came in with a bang around here! We've already had two evenings of severe weather, which in Southeast Missouri can get pretty hairy. And I hate when storms come at night! At least the temps are staying above freezing, and have been downright pleasant most days.

 I love spring! Our redbud trees are finally budding, as well as all of the Bradford pears in the neighborhood. They have such pretty white blooms. The kids are always begging me to take them to the park. This particular day (pic below), I had to scare away a little preschooler who wouldn't let my little one on the slide. I watched calmly for about 5 minutes before I put on my ugly face and told her to move her buns! I can't believe kids are so mean for no reason...and parents don't seem to care.

Homeschool continues and Millie literally begs me to do school with her. I can't wait until next year when I officially start Kindergarten with her. We will be using Abeka for most of her schooling. 

And of course we are patiently waiting the arrival of baby #3. We will find out next if we're having boy or girl! God has blessed and everything is going good, other than a bout with strep throat...and a cold I can't seem to shake. 
Hope your spring days are going great! 

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