May 11, 2014

Homeschool Highlights: May begins

May is one of our favorite months of the year. The weather's usually not too bad, and we take a break during April, so we're ready to get started back on our school work. We have been busy the last few weeks.
We went to a Cardinal game...and had really good seats! Going with cousins is always more fun too! It was a cloudy, chilly day. The sun just wouldn't stay out for us. We took the kids snacks and drinks, saw smiles all around. 

We also went fishing! This was Millie's first time fishing...she did good for about 30 minutes on her little cooler seat. So cute! She spent the rest of the time picking "flowers" for mommy.

Our was a very windy day and the fish just weren't biting. We bought enough to fry up for supper though! This was the only one we caught.

Coming up in the next few weeks...
  • starting back to school next week to finish out the year
  • getting ready for baby coming in only 3 short months
  • putting the pool up...we've had some pretty muggy days already
  •  enjoying some more family time and activities
  • work on portfolios for 2013-14 
What are your plans for the rest of May?

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