Jun 23, 2014

Curriculum for 2014-15

Although we are on a year-round, 6 week schedule, we have put a halt to school for the 2013-14 school year. I am preparing for a new baby in August, yeah, I know perfect timing! I've got to get lots of things figured out before then, including our new curriculum for the next school year.

It's hard to believe, but I will have a Kindergartner and an 8th grader...and a new baby. How's that for spacing our kids apart...

Kindergarten Plans

Millie knows the basics and then some:
  • ABC's
  • Letter sounds/words
  • Counting to 100
  • Number recognition
  • beginning word families
  • addition
  • beginning subtraction
  • writes her first name
  • write all of her letters well on handwriting paper
I feel like we made a lot of progress this last year, and I really think she is already beyond the beginning of kindergarten. I have the curriculum plans for Abeka and she could easily skip the first six weeks of plans and be fine. I am debating whether to order her the rest of the curriculum. I am a "phonic-based approach" to reading advocate.  

8th Grade Plans

Here is a list of the books I am ordering for my Jellyfish!

  • Mo. History: a friend has a curriculum and he will be doing it together with them. We'll end the program with some awesome field trips. There's lots of historical places in our area!
  • Answers in Genesis: God's Design for the Physical World
  • Abeka: Math, LA, Spelling
  • Reading: we'll do the classics again using Easy Peasy. You just click on the individual course (English 8) on the right. We are only doing the reading portion. Since Jellyfish is a reader by nature, I really don't have to worry about this too much!
  • Art: the jury's still out on this one....
  • Music: He's taking piano lessons from myself, and private guitar lessons from a friend. He's also in a community band where he's learning the trumpet! He plays piano at church from time to time which is really good practice. I think we've got music covered!
  • Computer: Homeschool Programming (we have to decide where to start though!) 
Computer Programming courses for Kids and Teens!

That's all my little brain can think about right now. I am working on selling some of my books on Ebay so I can afford next year's curriculum! How's your plans going?

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