Jun 13, 2014

Kindergarten: Guji Guji

Our story this week is about some cute little baby ducks and a not-so-cute baby...something! 

The story is read to the children as the pictures are shown. You can also download an activity guide for extra ideas. Millie loved this story and asked to listen to it over and over each day!
Here are some extras we did...

Handwriting sheets
 from First School.

(Art) Draw a duck in its environment! Use whatever art supplies you have on hand. We visited a pond the week before and talked about all of the things we saw, smelled, etc.

(Phonics) Study short "U" sound. 
BBC Link

LOVE these Word Family houses from the Measured Mom. I printed them out on bright paper, laminate them, and they are very durable.  And they are free!
Short u word family houses the measured mom Free Word Family Houses   short u
Measured Mom

(Math) Calendar, Continue counting to 100, & work on number recognition (flashcards). I am also using this book (ages 3-5):
 It is somewhat challenging for her because the numbers are scattered a little and not in a neat row, but I just have to keep her frustration level down with a little help! Here are some shots of the inside. There are some color-by-number pages also in this book.

Have you tried ABC mouse? I've heard its all the rage, and their commercial always catches my 5 year old's attention...funny how that works! I'm gonna have to check it out.

Our school year is coming to a close, but Millie ALWAYS wants to do school everyday, so I'm sure we'll continue a relaxed regime throughout the summer. Plus, its really not good for kids to have such a looooong break....maybe good for the teachers though!

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This looks like a fun book!
Thanks for sharing the activities as well.

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