Jun 27, 2014

Weekly Wrapup: June comes to an end

This has been an eventful week in our house! The kids have been going to VBS every night with my sister in law...it's been weird having a quiet house at night.  Weird...not necessarily in a good way. 

The smallest member of our household is kicking and moving quite wildly. She gives momma heartburn and makes for very uncomfortable conditions in the belly...but I'm glad she's moving and growing! 8 weeks left!
Speaking of growing...our garden is doing quite well...if we can just keep our little Snoopy out of it! We've been getting rain showers about every day, which is kinda odd because June is usually a pretty dry month for us. I'm thankful for the rain though! It makes the heat and humidity more bearable. I can't wait for some homegrown tomatoes...hopefully we get enough to can or freeze for pizza sauce and other things!
As far as homeschool goes, we are finished with our official curriculum. I am finishing up getting our year organized. Jellyfish is doing piano, trumpet, and guitar lessons. He's getting ready for a major community band concert on July 1st. It's patriotic in theme, of course, and he is so excited and practicing like a maniac.  His music teacher is really great about getting him involved in stuff like this. 
Both kids are enjoying some pool time in between rain showers! Jellyfish is a little fish, and Millie is learning to swim this year. Snoopy does NOT like the water...don't ask me how I know!
We have so much to be thankful for and can look around and see so many in pain. I hope your week was as good as ours and I pray for many more wonderful summer days!  

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