Jul 18, 2014

Weekly Highlights: July 18th

This week has been incredibly nice with below average temperature and humidity. We usually don't have these temps in July, but we're in a pattern of having a hot week, then a cool week. I love it!

Jul 14, 2014

Kindergarten Resource Page

I am working on getting organized for next year.  With a baby coming at the end of August, I know it's gonna be tough to get going afterwards! Millie is starting Kindergarten, so I'm trying to get ready. I have been thinking about ordering a box curriculum for her, but I realize when I look at the scope and sequence, she is already a few months into the curriculum. Anyway, I'm gathering links, supplies, ideas, and so on....to do kindergarten. I will adding more to it throughout the summer, so check back often!

Jul 11, 2014

Weekly Highlights: July 11

My week started with a check on our baby girl. I got a good report even though I've been feeling crummy! It's just the baby taking up lots of important space in my mid-section.  Not a lot of fun....only 6 weeks to go!

Jul 7, 2014

Garden Pics 2014

First of all, our garden is not one you would ever see in a catalog or anywhere for that matter. It is always a last minute, hurried project that we never seem to have time to do properly. We plant a garden strictly for eating (is there any other reason), and only plant veggies we know we will eat. 

Jul 5, 2014

Weekly wrapup: July 4th

Our week started with church, as always. Sunday is always a busy day with family dinner between services.  It was very rainy Sunday, so the kids had to stay inside instead of playing their usual baseball game.  Daddy had a busy week with several longer trips for work. 

Jul 3, 2014

Historical Field Trips in Southeast Missouri: Part II

I am not compensated by any of these places...this is my honest, first-hand experience opinion!
Because of my son...the history buff, we are always looking for places to visit that are historical in nature, and we try to keep it on the cheap, after all we are a one-income family. I wrote about some of the places we have visited in Part I.  Here are some more places of interest in our beautiful state!