Jul 7, 2014

Garden Pics 2014

First of all, our garden is not one you would ever see in a catalog or anywhere for that matter. It is always a last minute, hurried project that we never seem to have time to do properly. We plant a garden strictly for eating (is there any other reason), and only plant veggies we know we will eat. 

A few years ago, my husband did up cedar plank garden beds, three to be exact. These really help keep the moisture in and weeds out. I am so glad we got those done!
 Our squash plants are taking over the whole bed and going crazy. There are lots of little blooms coming on and a few small "squashes" already on them.
 We have one whole bed full of green bean rows. We are finally getting enough for me to actually freeze and there's lots more coming on.

 You can see my helpers weeding out the rows and picking what's there. They are doing most of the gardening this year as my first summer pregnancy is taking a toll on me....
Our tomatoes, we should have separated and maybe done them along the entire back instead of using up one whole bed...they are overtaking the place! Hubby put up netting to help contain them and make it easier for picking.
We have lots of little green tomatoes, and I cannot wait to have a juicy, fresh garden tomato for my sandwich! I plan on freezing them also...we love homemade pizza sauce. I will post our favorite recipe when I find it!
I didn't get a picture, but we also have green peppers, cucumbers, and carrots planted. They are doing great, although I am the only one who eats cucumbers, so I'm not sure what I'll do with them...maybe share them. I don't think you can freeze or can cucumbers!

Leave me a comment with your garden post link and I'll come visit!

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