Jul 5, 2014

Weekly wrapup: July 4th

Our week started with church, as always. Sunday is always a busy day with family dinner between services.  It was very rainy Sunday, so the kids had to stay inside instead of playing their usual baseball game.  Daddy had a busy week with several longer trips for work. 

Millie's official t-ball season came to an end Monday and she got her trophy and a baseball cupcake! We were scheduled for a big community concert on Tuesday in which Jellyfish would play the trumpet, but we had a line of storms come through and it got rescheduled for the next night. I didn't feel great that day, so I was glad it got cancelled!  Check out our storms!

His concert turned out wonderful the next night. The temps were perfect, and the concert started later in the evening as the sun was low in the sky. My family all went and saw this 30+ orchestra of instruments. It was a great experience for Jellyfish and the first time he has really had to follow a conductor and play with so many other instruments.

Daddy finally got motivated to work on some projects in our kitchen, including grouting tile that has been on the wall for a year! He built me new cabinets and I love them (this has been over a year ago). I really should post some before and after pics sometime. Maybe when he finally gets my kitchen completely finished...does that ever happen?

We worked in the garden...we have lots of green beans coming off! Check back Monday for the complete garden post about our raised bed gardening.
The 4th of July landed on Friday and we planned a family dinner complete with ribs and fixings. Hubby made peach cobbler with fresh peaches (finishing off last year's so we can put some in this year). We even had locally grown watermelon and cantaloupe. We finished off the day with a little swimming!  

Here are some pics of the day....
Daddy's homemade peach cobbler with fresh peaches!
Cousins going swimming!
We finished off the night watching fireworks in town.  I don't know about the rest of the clan, but this girl is "tard" today. I'm doing laundry and that's about it! REST!

Hope you 4th was great too!

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