Jul 18, 2014

Weekly Highlights: July 18th

This week has been incredibly nice with below average temperature and humidity. We usually don't have these temps in July, but we're in a pattern of having a hot week, then a cool week. I love it!

Jellyfish and daddy went fishing Tuesday and caught enough to have a family fish fry that night. Yep, Jellyfish caught the BIG one and dad caught some little ones.  We had fried catfish, hush puppies, and french fries for supper! 

Unfortunately, Jellyfish got sick later that night and was puny the rest of the week with a nasty stomach bug. I will probably have to take him to the doctor because he doesn't seem to be able to shake it. Millie's allergies have been on the rampage, I'm sure because of this crazy July weather.

I am working this week to get ready for our fall start of school. I have lots of new Kindergarten resources coming up, in addition to my new Kindergarten tab at the top of my site. I am currently working on a Kindergarten SCIENCE curriculum guide that will be complete with printables, experiments, posters, and much more! I can't wait to share it with you!
Scenes like this one, full of office supplies, make me happy. I can't wait to go school shopping for glue, crayons, and other stuff. I'm goofy like that. Here's another shot to leave you with...
Have a great week!

Don't forget to check out my new page: Kindergarten Resources.

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