Jan 9, 2017

2016-17 Homeschool Curriculum Choices

I'm a little late on our 2016-17 curriculum choices, because I really have lost track of this blog since the littlest jibberjabber came along. Who knew adding one more kid to your arsenal would throw a person off so much! She's a two-nager now, by the way.

I found myself ordering curriculum for my 2nd grader and 10th grader. High School may seem scary to homeschool moms, but it really comes down to record keeping. Keep track of subjects, attendance (as always), and credits: make sure you have enough for your state's requirements.

Here's our plan (which is working pretty well):

2nd grade (Millie):
  • Language arts/Math- Abeka
  • Bible- Lifepac
  • Science- Apologia Anatomy & Physiology (her choice)
  • History- Bob Jones American history
10th grade (Jellyfish):
  • English II (Lifepac)
  • Geometry (Lifepac)
  • Old Testament Survey (Lifepac) 
  • Science- Apologia Biology (CD ROM)
  • History- Abeka American History
  • Spanish I- Switched on Schoolhouse
  • Fundamentals of Computer Systems- Switched on Schoolhouse
  • Physical Education- Switched on Schoolhouse
At this point, we are about halfway through the year. Things are going well, other than Jellyfish has some work to do on his grades. I will be doing reviews coming up on Apologia Science and Bob Jones History for sure.

I work one on one with Millie in the mornings. Jellyfish only needs my help periodically, and I field all Math and Science questions to his dad. :) I think its important to stick with the same curriculum in LA and Math from kindergarten through 7th or 8th grade, so that they get a solid education that is built upon year after year. We stick to Abeka in Math and Language Arts, but are flexible in other subjects. I always try to give my kids choices when picking curriculum. That's why we're doing Anatomy & Physiology in 2nd grade. No, she is not "getting" it all, but when we redo it in 4th or 5th grade, she will have a good knowledge base.

Hope your year is going well!

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