Jan 7, 2017

Review: Apologia Biology

Apologia is a popular name in the homeschool community. You may have heard of it, or know someone who has used their curriculum. The company is known for their challenging content and Biblical perspective, and have a variety of subjects and resources to choose from. 

We had friends who used and recommend Apologia, so we decided to give it a try. Their mission statement was spot on and coincides with our own educational goals:

"The mission of Apologia Educational Ministries is to publish curriculum and resources and provide services that help homeschooling students and families learn, live, and defend the Christian faith." from Apologia website 

As a Christian homeschool mom, that is my objective also. To teach my kids to "learn, live, and defend the Christian faith." In this day and age, it is imperative that our kids truly know the Word of God, as people misinterpret and dilute it daily. 

Apologia presents Science (and other subjects) from a Christian perspective yet gives them a solid education in the subject matter. Here are some thoughts about Apologia Biology:
  • The Superset includes student text, student notebook, test & solutions manual, audio CD, and instructional DVD.
  • It's a little pricey (in my opinion).
  • Definitely a high-level course and requires seriousness to pass. They don't play around!
  • We ordered the Full-course CD Rom to save money...maybe a mistake. With this, there are no physical books. You read and watch everything on the computer, and print out tests. It saved us over $200.

Money really paid a major role in my decision to NOT buy the Superset. I did not have nearly $300 in my curriculum budget to spend on one subject. I generally prefer to have physical books as opposed to reading the computer.

This course was extremely challenging! The subject matter was intense even for a high school Science course.  The first few chapters cover the subject matter of micro-organisms, bacteria, fungus, and all the kingdoms. Jellyfish became bored with it and could barely pronounce the words, much less remember much about it. He passed the tests on these chapters, but I really don't think he comprehended much about it. 

The full course CD-ROM literally just has the text and few "on your own" mini quizzes. It also comes with a CD to print off tests, study guides, and chapter reviews (answers also included). I found some websites with videos and supplemental resources that help in the daily lessons and experiments. Most of the experiments require things that we don't necessary have available. 

This course was extrememly challenging. He is a pretty smart kid, but admittedly Science is not his best subject. Still, I think the subject was off even for a high level Science course. I probably won't order from them next year, unless I thoroughly review the scope and sequence.

Also, I admit it may have been easier if we had ordered the set with physical books.

If you're looking for a challenging, thoroughly study of Biology...Apologia might be for you!

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