Nov 6, 2017

Weekly Highlights: Goodbye October

I feel like that post title should say, "Goodbye October, hello winter." For some reason November always feels like the beginning of winter for me...maybe its the cooler temps, the time change, or the fact that I'm actively Christmas shopping now; either way, I'm embracing winter.

Nov 5, 2017

How I Use Essential Oils in Daily Life

Essential oils have become a part of our daily lives since I began using them a couple of years ago. It seems that I am always finding new ways to use oils. I thought I would share with you how we use oils in our daily lives.

Nov 2, 2017

Using mini-offices for elementary

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Mini-offices have been a fun addition to our homeschool through the years. They provide a quick reference point for your child and are great for things they will use over and over again. 

Does your child need a daily reminder of important facts, weekly focus points, or memory work? Maybe you just need a way to arranged all of this information in a simple, yet organized way?  Mini-offices are an awesome graphic tool that can create a visual reminder for information retention.