Jul 25, 2018

2018-19 Curriculum Choices

I enter the 2018-19 school year with a preschooler(turning 4 in August), a 4th grader, and a Senior. It is unreal that time can fly by so quickly. I always give much thought and prayer to our curriculum choices. It is not something I decide on in the summer, but something I think about all year. I think about what has worked & what has NOT worked for us throughout the year. I also try to think about what their study plan is for the next few grades (SS:American history, World history, Geography, etc).

Jellyfish is starting his senior year at 16 years old. He only has a few classes to finish up this year. He already has a calling on his life in two areas. First, he is a God-called preacher and has been preaching for several years. God used young people throughout the Bible and he is still the same today. He just needs young people with a willing heart. Second, Jellyfish is going into the healthcare profession. He is working on getting his college plan together. 

What a blessing to know this at such a young age. I will write a post soon about how I planned and organized his high school classes.

4th Grade
Millie is going into 4th grade this year. Here is our plan so far:

Math & LA: Abeka all the way. I have gotten away from Abeka in these areas for brief times, and I always regret it. Abeka is top of the line!
Science: We are doing this Zoology course this year. Millie LOVES animals and is so excited about it!
History: We did this World Geography last year. We loved it and Millie learned so much about the world! This year, we are doing US Geography. I bought THIS curriculum for her. I am making a notebook for her and so far I love what I see!
Bible: We are reading the Old Testament
Art: Millie loves to draw, so I have found some sites online that teach drawing. We will be doing one lesson per week. 
Music: Piano (Intermediate: I give her lessons)
Spanish: Millie will do Calico Spanish this year! This program is designed for a non-Spanish speaker to teach. There are videos, flashcards, slides and more. Very exciting lessons!
Chinese: Millie will take 2 classes per week with Lingo Bus. This is an excellent program with face to face lessons from a Chinese teacher. Millie was a little nervous at first, but loves it now! Try out a free demo lesson to see how your child will do! Must have a good internet connection & be 5-12 years old.
Computer: I am not doing a stand alone program for computer this year (see last year's program). This year, I will incorporate technology assignments into each class. 
PE: We are doing a morning workout from Youtube (maybe 15 minutes a day). 

My youngest (Brook) is turning 4 in August and will doing Preschool! I am so excited at the things she will learn! 

Bible ABC from the Crafty Classroom: This is a letter of the week curriculum with Bible themes and math sheets. I also ordered the ASL packet.

She will be doing Calico Spanish with her sister also. We will do lots of other activities including starfall.com and others. 

Senior (12th)
Jellyfish only has a few credits left that he needs. 
Algebra II: Lifepac
Speech: GVS
English IV: Abeka
Music Appreciation:AIO
Advanced Pre-med: Curriculum pack

As I said, he is finishing up his credits this year, and working part-time to save up money for college!

What are your plans for the school year? We will start on August 20th! I can't wait!


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