Jul 23, 2018

Multiplication Resources

Teaching multiplication can be a daunting task...and a very important one. This skill sets the stage for middle and high school subjects. When my husband taught high school, he found it very common to have students who had not mastered their multiplication facts. These kids were at a disadvantage for sure!
I feel like there is only one way to learn multiplication facts: memorize them. End.of.story. Here are some fun resources to help you out!

3dinosaurs.com has some neat "free" printable resources. I printed out the wall cards for Millie. You can also find a spinner game, flashcards, bookmarks, and mats to help teach multiplication. 

 You can laminate the wall cards and use dry erase markers or crayons on them. We have found in the past that the dry erase crayons are easier to erase than markers on laminated surfaces.
Free download: multiplication squares game (requires 2 dice)
Color by Number sheets-free membership

Daily morning work might just be the #1 way to remember multiplication facts. I have used these little sheets for everything from grammar practice to measurement. They are small, usually sized to a half sheet with only 5-20 questions (depending on the skill). You can quickly write up your own or find some online. Here are some already made for you:
multiplication worksheet

I love these wheels! (cut in half for daily work)



Hope you find something helpful. 
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