Jul 22, 2019

2019-20 Curriculum Choices

Every year, I write this post about our curriculum choices. This year, I am a little late, but we have been busy with school! We have been homeschooling, officially, since Jellyfish started Kindergarten. He graduated this year (2019) at age 17, and by the time he turns 18, he will be starting his career in the medical field. None of this would have been possible without the flexibility of homeschool. Homeschooling high school is not hard, but does require some planning and record keeping. I will write a blog post about this (eventually).

I just have my two girls left to homeschool and we are already in week 9 of an awesome year. My baby is in Kindergarten and Millie is in 5th grade. I have to say 4th and 5th grade are my favorites as far as the subject matter they are learning!
My student today
Brook (Kindergarten):

Abeka: I am a firm believer in sticking with the same curriculum (whatever that may be) for Language Arts & Math. We start our school day about 10:00 and we do phonics, handwriting, math, and Social Studies. We will start Science after Christmas. She loves learning and is doing great. I always find extra things on the internet for her to do for art and letter crafts. She is learning to use her scissors a little better, and coloring in the lines better.

We start our day with "morning meeting" type activities. This involves doing our calendar, weather of the day, saying our Bible verses, and books of the Bible. We also count by ones and tens, practice our address & phone number, and say the pledge!

I try to allow her activity time during the lessons. We play little games as we are learning, that allow her to move around the room. Young children are not always wired to sit still for long periods. Brook does very good and loves school!
Millie (5th Grade)

Math:  Teaching Textbooks (they have an online version which is very reasonable now)!

Reading/Grammar: allinonehomeschool.com

Spelling: Abeka

History: Mystery of History I (I did this with Jellyfish years ago and can't wait to give an update on how we do it now)

Science: God's Design for the Physical World (Answers in Genesis)

Bible: Our Mystery of History curriculum is a chronological study of the Bible as it happens in history. So we get a little Bible AND History! She also reads a lesson in

Drawing: Millie loves to do anything crafty. She wanted to continue her drawing skills and we are using All In One Homeschool's drawing and painting course. She loves it and is learning so much!

Computer: All in One (AIO). She is making a blog this year!

Early American Music: All in One (AIO). She also takes piano lessons.

PE: All in One (AIO)

It takes about 2 hours of so for our official kindergarten work. The rest of our learning is active play or certain educational iPad apps!  Millie's work takes about 3-4 hours. I make her write her spelling words each day which takes some time. It works well for some of her work to be on the computer and some regular book work.

I hope your year is going well!


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