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Jan 28, 2011

Homeschool Highlights: January ends

So....January has been busy with snow, dropping temperatures, family visits, hospital stays and birthdays.

We started the month by celebrating Jellyfish's 9th birthday!

Jan 10, 2011

Snow Days, Breakdowns, and Changes

Snow Days:Should homeschoolers get them?  
That is the question I face we awoke to our ground covered with snow.  My husband (H.S. teacher) is home today because school was cancelled. When daddy is home, its hard for Jellyfish to focus. But...I shall not give in! 

Dec 4, 2010

November is Gone....sigh!

Proof that November was full of smiles!  It doesn't get much happier than this!

November has been a month of busy-ness. It seems like it's been a whirlwind from the first day. The big news this month is....we got a new addition to our family. My new little niece...isn't she presh? She was born on the 18th.
Thanksgiving came and went. We had much to be thankful for...and lots of family and food. Our new littlest family member made it just in time for the food! We gathered with my family and enjoyed a cold, rainy day of fun and fellowship. 

These pics were taken earlier in the month as we got dressed for church. Millie actually posed for these! Miracle!

Never ask a 20 month old, "What's that in your mouth?" Because she will show you! In this case it was fruit loops, not too bad. Crackers or chocolate...not so fun.
 Awww! Don't they get along great! Only in the pics...
 Millie's First Pony tail..her hair is getting thicker.  One of these days, we'll have pigtails...I'm sure of it!
 If I could just keep her out of the dryer...I'm sure they make baby locks for those things. Ahhhh! What will she think of next.
Jellyfish has been working hard at school. I sat down and rechecked his progress in our curriculum to see if we would meet our goals before Christmas break. There's always good and bad news there. We are finishing our Christian Kids Explore Biology book (as planned) and I'm trying to figure out where to go in the new year. Jellyfish wants to do Chemistry.  

CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? He wants to do Chemistry! Is this my child? He definitely gets that from his Daddy, the Science teacher.
Christian Kids Explore Chemistry
Christian Kids Explore Biology
I have to say the Christian Kids Explore Biology book was quite interesting. I will be writing a review on it soon...there are definitely pros and cons. I am trying to decide whether to stick with the series or try a new one.
(The biology book is designed to last all year if you only do like two lessons a week, but I knew my kid would be bored to death if we drug it out that long!)

Soooooooo, we delved into December with long shopping lists, 3 weeks of school left til break, and my husband's foot surgery looming on the 20th (yes, I know, that's 5 days before Christmas).

Until next time...

Oct 16, 2010


Do you have weeks when you can't seem to get anything done?  Especially homeschool.  (Let's not even talk about my cruddy house...)

Jellyfish works a lot on his own, but if we're gone or sick, school work gets put on the back shelf.  I am a planner, and when you mess with my schedule, it can be UGLY!  

But, seriously, I have learned to embrace learning in unsuspecting places.  I have learned that just because a math worksheet takes an hour to complete...that doesn't necessarily mean learning has taken place.  

Are you that parent?  Do your kids take along schoolwork to the doctor's office?  Are your kids often seen in the yard digging for worms or hunting for pretty leaves?  The funniest thing is when someone ask your child how they like their teacher this year?  My son gets the funniest look on his face...he knows I'm watching to see what he's gonna say!

This week Jellyfish was so excited to go shopping with his grandparents...that I let him miss an afternoon of school.  (Am I bad, or what?)  Daddy had an appointment on Friday afternoon, so there goes another day.  We have to decide whether or not to do the surgery for Daddy's foot.  So prayer is needed.  

Millie is growing like a weed.  This a pic of her modeling her new jammies!  Look at that hair!
Millie stacked the blocks!
If you've missed me... 
I may have been neglecting my little blog a bit the last few weeks....but I've started doing some freelance writing.  It is important that I bring in some money to supplement my husband's I am excited!

Until next time,

Oct 1, 2010

Weekly Highlights: October is here!

So, I enjoy writing about our days enjoying family and friends.  I enjoy sharing our homeschool adventures, and believe me, they are adventures...  

Some of my favorite things this weeks have been:

  1. Watching (feeling) the temperature drop and knowing its finally FALL!  Yeah!
  2. Potty Training (feel the sarcasm)
  3. Sunday Night: seeing the altars full of teenagers, and knowing God is working!
  4. Hearing my son sing at church
  5. My husband FINALLY mowing the yard
I finished up the book I was reading: Living with Confidence in a Chaotic World by David Jeremiah.  You can read my review if you like.  Just my humble opinion.  I am so glad to finally be done with it!  What shall I read next?  Hmmm......

Jellyfish is in a new Sunday School class at church and he loves it.  Before they started this class, he was in class with smaller children, and he really wasn't getting much out of it.  He loves his new teacher, and is really enjoying the class.  

He finished up his unit on birds this week.  I was disappointed we did not get to study the owl pellet, but maybe another time. He is memorizing John 1:1-5 this week...he memorized it when he was in 1st grade, but has forgotten it somewhat. 
So, what to expect in October....leaves covering the ground, long sleeves, hoodies, no more flip-flops (insert sigh), Halloween decor (Yuck: not at our house), farmers burning off corn fields...

What are you looking forward to in October?

Sep 24, 2010

Weekly Homeschool Highlights: Fall arrives

It's Friday....Finally!

                               (Google Pic: I wish it were that pretty here...)
We are getting ready to have a yard sale this weekend for our youth group at church!  Hopefully we make lots of money, and get rid rid of lots of stuff!  I know God will bless!  
Homeschool has been interesting this week, but with all that's going on, its been hard to stay on track.
Jellyfish studied about China and how it was once ruled by dynasties.  He learned about their family, dress, and the tradition of binding feet.  

He drew this woodpecker in Art.  He had to use motion lines, shading, and details in this one!  I think it turned out wonderful. Click on it to see it closer...

Last week, he did a sea turtle.  He had to pay attention to perspective.  He had to draw it as if you were looking into the water from a boat.
Click here to see more about our curriculum!

In Science, we studied birds.  We are blessed to have an abundance of hummingbirds right now by our bird feeder in our front yard.  They are so much fun to watch!
Daddy is working hard with his high school robotics teams creating robots that will climb mountains, go over bridges, and place PVC sticks in a container.  They will compete in district competitions in January!  

The new addition to our family (my niece) is growing quite well.  We only have to wait about 8 or so more weeks until we can hold her!  So exciting! 

Millie is potty training...ugh!  So frustrating!  It seems like we have good days and bad days...I just keep on trying.  She's only 18 months old, so she is a little young.  I'm not pushing too hard yet!
She started saying I love you to her bubba this week.  So sweet!

My favorite thing:  Its' officially fall!  I am ready for falling leaves, hoodies, and bonfires!  Bring it on!

Sep 21, 2010

September Highlights

September has been a fun month of playing with cousins, mild temperatures, and barbeque's!

Lots of playing!!!
Of course, nothing tops the day off better than a bubble bath!
Here are the kids (and 2 cousins) waiting for the Labor Day parade:
And then playing in the park afterward....
It was a beautiful day!

And here's the new addition to our backyard pond!
The kids had to get their hands on him!  Gross! (Are they my children, seriously?) 
Science lesson for the day!

So thankful for my family!

Join us for Gratituesday at Heavenly Homemakers!

Sep 3, 2010

Weekly Highlights:

This was a crazy week with lots of activity!  Allergy season is in full swing, so I'm back to my regular schedule of sneezing and blowing (my nose, that is)...and the kids are fighting it too.  
Jellyfish started the week studying the Sumerians in History.  He built a ziggurat using legos.  He also studied the Tower of Babel!  We are adding to his timeline weekly also.

Aug 27, 2010

August fun

Our first two weeks of school went very quickly!  We are really starting to adjust to our new curriculum and workbooks.  Jellyfish is excited about school so far!  We started the week Sunday with a fish fry at church.  Yum!  We also had a BBQ Thursday night at grandma's house!              
Millie learned to play babies.  She lined her baby and feeding utensils up on the step, and fed them (and herself occasionally).  It was very cute!

In the pic to the right...she actually has her mouth open making the chomping noise!

This is the baby that prays, so every once in a while Millie would reach over and push her belly so she would pray.

The week turned out nice...a little taste of fall, so we found ourselves enjoying some time outside!

The kids played with sidewalk chalk (since there's no concrete in the back, they used paver stones).
   I think the cat wanted to draw too.

There's so many things to do outside!  
Jellyfish started his Mystery of History timeline, and he is so excited.  He drew a rain forest picture in Science, and made a 100% in Spelling.  I'll have pics soon.  Daddy started his ITV class at school, and it has caused him a little stress this week.  Millie has been pottying in the potty quite successfully.  Yeah!  We're on our way to no more diapers!
Hope your week was just as fun!  AND I hope we have lots more fall weather very soon!

Join us for weekly wrap-up at      
See ya,

Aug 22, 2010

Day in the Life: 2010

My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O Lord; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up.  Psalm 5:3

As for me, I will call upon God; and the LORD shall save me. Evening, and morning, and at noon, will I pray, and cry aloud: and he shall hear my voice.  Psalms 55:16-17 

How does your day start?  

We begin our day around 8:30 or 9:00 with Bible reading, pledges and prayer. We have so much to be thankful for.  We ask God to help us have a good day full of learning!  

During the day, you might find us doing some math on our dry erase board or playing dominoes on the kitchen table.
You might find someone dressing up like a pirate or batman....
You might even find us making a jello mold of a cell...Yuck!

Sometimes we rest on the couch, and watch Magic School Bus.

Sometimes we draw and color... 
Sometimes we help mommy do laundry...
Weather permitting, you might find us out in the yard or on the deck doing any number of things.  

Thank God for rare, cool summer evenings.  We have dinner around 5, and bedtime is 9:20 on school days.  

To see a more detailed schedule click here.